Saturday, January 9, 2016

What even happened since my last post?

Today is Saturday, January 9th.  A full work week has passed!  Geez.  I had a crazy dream last night that I was teaching a client who was stoned out of his mind... whenever I have dreams about clients, especially "Pilates teacher nightmare" dreams such as this one, I know it's time for a break.  This particular client actually would NEVER come to the studio stoned, he's one of the most responsible people I know.  Yup, time for me to close the chapter on the work week, disconnect, and indulge in some me time.

Recapping last week...

Monday January 4th was a day off, but more of an "getting errands done" day off than a big relaxation one.  I had a routine doctor's appointment in the morning.  Ben gallantly drove me and dropped me off, went to run a few errands on his own, than picked me up to go to a nearby steel plant.  Why were we going to the steel plant?  I had to replace the springs on my Pilates equipment late last year, and the old ones were just sitting around.  I didn't want to just trash them, and I didn't think I could recycle them... I called the steel plant and they said that they could take them.  The manager told us that they buy recycled steel by the tonnage, and that my springs would probably come to about 15 cents.  Ha!  We donated the springs to the next person who came in who the manager deemed in need.

I'm pretty sure the remainder of Monday was resting and getting ready for the week... We roasted a chicken for dinner, which is one of my favorite ways to both eat a delicious meal and have a bunch of ready-to-pack food for the week.  Later in the week, we made a chicken salad for Ben to pack on sandwiches, and used the carcass to make some stock in the slow cooker.

During the work week, which for me is Tuesday-Saturday, I aim to focus on my business.  If I have time off between clients, I'll study or review something which I'd like to understand better, work on marketing or admin tasks, or go for a run or work out on my own.  I either pack my own lunch, or if I have a big break midday, come home for lunch, usually a run, and admin work at my home office.  This means my work weeks are frugal to a T, and that I'm spending my time building my business.  When I start at the studio varies, but I typically work with clients until 7:30 or 8:30pm.  Thus, evenings are short and arabout: cooking, which I love as a de-stressing activity, catching up with my man, playing with the cats (they're super cute), and SLEEP.

Luke and Martin in a nightly cuddle.

So, in that way, Tuesday - now passed.  I got together with my study partner Amos on Friday morning, as we both had the morning off.  I worked on my taxes a little bit more over the week, and I went on a couple of good runs.  It's been rainy and wet lately, which means things are growing, fog rests on the eucalyptus trees, and I feel like the colors of nature pop more than when it's sunny.  While dealing with a mid-run cramp last week, I found some flowering Rosemary.  Picked some to bring home.
Flowering rosemary picked on a run at Mills College.
I'm so grateful to live up the hill from Mills College, which provides a beautiful oasis in West Oakland for running.  I spend most of my mid-week runs here.  

Big news:  I spent some money.  I've been using some running apps - I started with a 5K app, and am now doing a 5K Pacer, which just gives you intervals designed to help you improve your 5K speed.  I've been so inspired by running lately that, on a total impulse, I purchased the 10K app.  While I probably will use it, I still have 4 weeks left on my 5K pacer app, so I probably won't be using it anytime soon, and didn't need to buy it right then!  The good news is, it only cost $3.99.

Today, Saturday, I taught 5 hours, came home for lunch, and am now leisurely unwinding the week and getting ready for a two full days off.  Some things I plan to do to entertain myself between now (about 4pm) and bed:

- I've been baking sourdough bread lately, and it's getting pretty good!  I took the starter out of the fridge this morning, fed it, and am watching it grow.  In the evening, I'll pre-mix the bread to let it start rising over night.  With sourdough bread also comes this "discard" sourdough starter, and I've been making some absolutely delicious buttery yeast rolls with those.  Not the healthiest thing in my pantry, but hey, they are scrumptious.  I've mixed up some of those and will roll them out and bake them after they rise.
Roll dough rising! Sourdough starter doing its thing in the background.
- Run!  Because why not?  Sweating at the end of the week always feels good and clearing.
- Stretch!  It's "Stretch Saturday" on my list of weekly self-practices, so I plan to give myself a Pilates mat session (since I'm at home) focusing on flexibility.
- Bake dinner with my Ben.  We're planning on roasting and stuffing a spaghetti squash.
- Study some NKT.  Certification test is coming up.
- MAAAAYBE work on digitizing my client notes.  I've been wanting to get better at note taking, and I think finding a way to type them might be the way to go, since my years working in admin have made my typing MUCH faster than handwriting.  If I feel so inspired, I'll start on this, but if I'm feeling like I'd just be tempting myself with another dream of a blitzed out client, I'll take a pass on this one.
- I started reading one or Murakami's novels this week, and I'm hooked.  This sounds more fun than digitizing my client notes.

So... basically, a low key wind-down from the week.  Putting things to rest.  Letting my mind settle from a week of clients.

Daily entertainment budget: $3.99
Money left: $96.01
Total Days in challenge: 9

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