Sunday, January 3, 2016

Days 2 & 3

Today is Sunday, January 3rd.

I work on Saturdays, so yesterday was an easy one to keep my budget tight.  I packed a lunch, including a green smoothie for an afternoon energy pick-up.

I taught one group class followed by 4 clients, enjoyed lunch and some light Facebook browsing, and then took some time to stretch while waiting for my Neurokinetic Therapy study partner Amos to arrive.  We got in a good session reviewing some topics for our upcoming certification exam - finally leaving the studio by 5:30pm.

My brain was feeling pretty full at that point, so I was happy to return home, make myself a cup of tea, and spend some quality time on the couch.   Ben and I were planning a taco night, so I started prepping before he came home, and then we had a good tacos and late-night Netflix binge.  Having quality company to eat tacos with on the couch makes it so much better.  :)

Today was pretty close to a repeat of New Year's Day.  I slept in, Ben made breakfast, and then we both got going on decluttering.  We're going to be downsizing our living situation in late March in order to save on rent, so we're planning a garage sale sometime in late February to get rid of our extra junk, while putting a little in the bank.

I went on a run - this time to Redwood Regional park here in Oakland.  I love this park.  You get striking vistas of the green hills just beyond Oakland, run past Redwood and Oak trees, meet happy trail running dogs, and it's so close to us.  Just a little time in nature restores my need to both get out of the house and feel rejuvenated.

I spent much of the afternoon curled in bed reading a book I've had on my shelf for awhile, just waiting for me to crack the covers... Often, we have many resources just at our fingertips which are free, or already purchased.  The hard part is letting go of the feeling that we're missing out if we don't go out and do the latests thing, eat the hippest food, or drink at the trendiest spots, but once we deal with that feeling, we often discover a wealth of entertainment options for ourselves at home which will cost us little or nothing to use.

Ben made dinner.  My mom told me how lucky I am to date a man who cooks, and while I retorted that I would absolutely not date someone for whom I had to cook all the time, I have to agree that I am lucky to date a man who seriously enjoys cooking, and is happy to cook for me - multiple times a day.  :)

Ben is also a big Star Wars fan, so as one of his Christmas gifts I got us tickets to see the newest film in 3D.  We're off to do that soon!  Since we just ate, we won't be getting snacks at the theater, and the tickets were already purchased.

Daily entertainment budget: $0
Money left: $100
Total Days in challenge: 3

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