Friday, January 1, 2016

Day 1: New Year's Day

Free fun thing #1 on New Year's Day: sleep in.  Check.

Ben made a great breakfast!  We used to go out to brunch about once a week, but have opted for home-cooked meals (and long mornings in pjs) since we started trying to save money.

I did some New Year's decluttering.  More on where this stuff will end up later!
That's over 8 bags of crap!
I went on a run in Joaquin Miller Park.  Despite living close to this park, I've only been there once before.  It's a gorgeous oasis in the city, and it felt perfect to spend time in nature on the first day of the year.
View of the Bay from the end of my run.
I came home, showered, and started a "home spa day."  I had made some peppermint sugar scrubs for holiday gifts, and had some left over.  Doing a skin scrub felt like a great way to start the New Year.  I put on comfy clothes, gave myself a facial, made tea, and used some coconut foot cream someone had given me as a gift years ago.  It's amazing to me how many luxury beauty products we can accumulate, and how rarely we actually use them.  Home Spa Day to the rescue!

Face mask and tea - starting the New Year off clean!
I started this blog.  I'm using blogger, which is a free platform.  It's now a little after 4pm.  I'm going to get my baking on and make some rolls to have with some reheated soup for dinner, and then I plan to: start my taxes!!! Ok, maybe that isn't super "entertaining," but as a small business owner, the sooner I figure out where I stand, the better, and feeling like I'm on top of my business tasks is rewarding.

Daily entertainment budget: $0
Money left: $100
Total Days in challenge: 1

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